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Data Management Courses


- Data Quality Metrics Primer

- Data Management for NDR


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Data quality metrics primerData Quality Metrics Primer

This primer on data quality metrics will introduce attendees to the essential ideas for measuring data quality and the components needed for a data quality metrics framework. As the concept of measuring data quality is still relatively new in the oil and gas industry, simple examples are used to illustrate how these principles work in practice and how the quality of data can actually be calculated and constantly measured.




Data management for NDRData Management for National Data Repositories

National Data Repository (NDR) Data Management Essentials is a basic course that covers the important data management and related topics required for a National Data Repository. From governance and management top down drive to technical topics like architecture, data models and migration and from there to discussions on transparency using metrics and data quality dashboards. Data science and big data analytics are addressed including important considerations for ensuring reliable data analytics dashboards through having good quality data. Multi-dimensional aspects required for good and sustainable data management are discussed and their inter-relationships are clarified through the lectures, course notes and practical exercises.