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Book: Geological Excursions around Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia,

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Miri -Oil & The Resort City

What started as a small fishing village early in the 19th century is now a bustling resort city and gateway to the National Parks of Northern Sawarak.

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The Outcrop Museum Project, launched in 2000, focusses on preservation geology and its various benefits. Click below to find out more.....

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Eco-Tourism and Geo-Tourism are becoming more popular around the world and this trend is increasing. A large part of the tourism industry in Malaysia are in these segments. While Geo-Tourism has as yet not caught hold in its own right, Malaysia is rich in a wide range of geological features that are exposed at the surface. Interest in this discipline has been high due to the active oil and gas industry in the country.

However, the drawback of being in the tropical belt means that the lifespan of geological exposures is limited by the rapid growth of vegetation and the high precipitation rate. These present interesting challenges to conservation geology.

With our products, we try to capture the richness of the geological exposures, provide interpretation and analyses of their origins and what they have gone through in time, and compile all this into interactive, multimedia creations that allow the reader to explore at leisure.

Destination Miri - A Geological Tour (Discontinued)

Dreamweaver CS3Our multimedia title "Destination Miri-A Geological Tour. Northern Sarawak's National Parks and Giant Caves". This CD will take you on a virtual geological tour through the rainforests of the northern part of Sarawak, Malaysia's largest state, and help you discover the most grandiose cave system on Earth. You can visit the giant caves of Mulu and Niah National Parks, see active mud volcanoes in the lowland jungle areas near Lambir National Park or make a detour to look at the fossils at Auban on the coast. Click here for more details......

Receipient of the 1999 Malaysian PIKOM IT award "Multimedia CD Title of the Year 1999".

11 March 2017: This product is now discontinued.

The Geology of the Miri Airport Road Outcrop

A Laptop ComputerThe Miri Airport Road outcrop is presented on your PC through a wealth of drawings, maps and 3-dimensional diagrams, high resolution pictures and full-circle panoramas. The 19 panoramas allow an exploration of virtually all corners of the outcrop. Step by step, picture by picture, the path of some 20 faults can be followed throughout the outcrop.

The dynamics of the faults is brought to life through an animation which shows the deposition of the sediments, and their subsequent faulting in a complex series of blocks. The end animation blends into a picture of the outcrop, powerfully demonstrating the evolution of the faults which dissect the rocks. Click here for more details......